Top 10 Attractions in Bermuda

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Published: 19th August 2011
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The small island of Bermuda is known for its gorgeous beaches, but it also has many other interesting attractions to offer. Whether you want to indulge in outdoor adventures, explore cultural and historical sites, or do some shopping, you can rest assured that you will find a place that offers an exciting and memorable experience. Here are 10 attractions in Bermuda that you should not fail to visit

Bermuda Aquarium, Museum, and Zoo

Flamingos at the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo

Image by dbking

The Bermuda Aquarium, Museum, and Zoo, or BAMZ, is one of the most visited attractions in Bermuda. Located on North Shore Road, it is a multi-attraction complex that displays extensive collections of animals, marine animals, and historical exhibits. It is home to over 300 species of mammals, reptiles, and birds; more than 200 species of fish; and the famous North Rock Exhibit

Bermuda Maritime Museum

View from the Commissioner's House over the Parade Grounds of the fortress Keep towards its entry, now the entry of the Bermuda Maritime Museum.
Image by Ekem

This fabulous museum is housed in a 19th century fortress at the old Royal Naval Dock, and it relates the fascinating maritime history of Bermuda. Some of the interesting exhibits that are displayed in the museum include maritime related artifacts, coins and notes, maps, documents, and others.

Kings Wharf Bermuda

The Kings Wharf was constructed by the British in the 19th century, and it served as a dockyard and a naval base in the past. Today, it is a popular sightseeing destination among tourists. It is situated in Sandy’s Parish.

Dolphin’s Quest Bermuda

The Dolphin’s Quest is also located in the old Royal Naval Dock. This dolphin center provides a rare opportunity for you to swim with dolphins, as well as touch and feed them. It is a great attraction for both adults and children.

St Peter’s Church


The St Peter’s Church in Bermuda is one of the oldest Anglican churches in the western hemisphere. Originally established in 1612, it features a centuries-old altar, old Bermudan woodwork, and beautiful candlelit chandeliers. You can find this church in St George.

St Catherine Fort

Fort St Catherine, St George's Island, Bermuda. Casemate exterior.
Image by reivax

St Catherine Fort is the best known fort on the island of Bermuda. It was constructed in the year 1612 by the first governor of Bermuda, Richard Moore, to defend the island from Spanish invaders. Today, it is a museum that showcases many interesting exhibits and artifacts.

Gibbs Hill Lighthouse

The Gibbs Hill Lighthouse was erected in the year 1844, and it is the first lighthouse in the world that was constructed of cast iron. From the top of this 117-foot lighthouse, you can get a spectacular view of Bermuda.

Horseshoe Bay

Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda
Image by Ekem

Situated in Southampton Parish, the Horseshoe Bay is home to the most popular beach in Bermuda. It is a favorite destination for beach-loving families. Amenities that you can find on this beach include water sports equipment rental, beach chairs, umbrellas, café, and lifeguard.

Crystal Caves and Fantasy Caves

If you are interested in nature and geology, this is one attraction that you must not miss. The best and safest way to explore the caves is to join a guided tour. When you are touring the caves, you will get to see interesting stalactite and stalagmite formations as well as the crystal clear Lake Cahow.

Spittal Pond Nature Reserve

The Spittal Pond Nature Reserve is the largest nature reserve in Bermuda. It encompasses an area of 64 acres, and it is the best place to do bird-watching on the island.

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DiamondRN on August 25, 2011 said:
I recently visited the island of Bermuda. It has many unique features, including the pink sand that surrounds it. Horseshoe Bay has to be one of the most beautiful and unusual beaches in the world. The light house is well worth the visit. Just strolling along Front Street listening to the tree frogs is a joy all on its own. I can really recommend a trip to Bermuda you will love it.
Adrian Lawrence on August 25, 2011 said:
Bermuda is great the memory of it lives with me still as it does my wallet! It is very expensive in Bermuda, but worth it!
ChrysW on August 25, 2011 said:
My husband and I got married in Bermuda. What a fantastic experience! We had 19 friends and family with us on that wonderful day, some highlights of what we saw while in Bermuda include the Naval dockyard and somerset village

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