London Olympics 2012

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Published: 10th October 2011
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Time has run out for those who wish to buy tickets for the London 2012 Olympics. Numerous people had made an attempt to purchase tickets over the Easter weekend, because the deadline for registration is the 26th of April, 2011. Those who managed to register for tickets will not know whether their applications are successful until the 14th of June, and this is creating a lot of buzz and anticipation among applicants.

The buzz about the London 2012 Olympics [] has been around since the day London was chosen as the venue for the coming Olympic games, and it will not end until the event, as well as the 2012 Paralympics in September, is over. What will be the impact of the Olympics on London and the UK after it is over? The happenings after past Olympic games suggest that the UK will experience a boom in investment and development for an indefinite period of time after the 2012 Olympics.

The Olympic Park Legacy Company [] has come up with excellent development plans after the London 2012 Olympics. The place where most of the Olympic events will be taking place, the Olympic Park, is will be turned into a huge green park that offers lots of recreational opportunities. It will be one of the biggest urban parks in Europe since 150 years ago. A large portion of the park will be transformed into a beautiful protected wetland area that consists of canals and waterways from the River Lea. The river will be properly cleaned up to enable its inhabitants and birds to flourish. Native trees, such as birch, oak, hazel, ash, holly, willow, hawthorn, and blackthorn, will be planted in a large area within the Olympic Park. Consequently, the park will become a haven for wildlife, and it will bring the picturesque British countryside to the most populated urban area in the UK.

All the sports facilities in the Olympic Park [] will not go to waste; they will be used for the development of future sports talents, and they will become excellent training grounds for local sports clubs. The swimming pools, football fields, tennis courts, and gyms will be accessible to members of the public. The place where world-class athletes will be residing during the London 2012 Olympics, the Olympic Village, will be turned into houses and flats for key workers. If you are a key worker, you will have the chance to live in a place where your favorite athlete once slept.

Hosting the Olympic games can be beneficial to the British people in many other ways. First of all, it will bring hundreds of thousands of sports enthusiasts to the UK, resulting in an increase in sales of all Olympic-related merchandise as well as brisker business for hoteliers. Additionally, it will make the British people more interested in sports. Sports and exercise can improve their health, as well as ambition and drive, and make them feel better about themselves. When people are happier, they will be more willing to spend money, and they will contribute significantly to the betterment of the economy.


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